2. How to create a plan

Goals should be clear and involve deadlines to be effective. 

Effective goals are summarized by the acronym SMART:

Specific: Your goal should be stated clearly: e.g. 'I want to increase the turnover of 15% within 2 years, by establishing partnerships and alliances in the American market', rather than, 'I want to make my company more profitable'.

Measurable: You need to quantify your goal to know when your objectives will be achieved. See the example above.

Attainable: Goals should be challenging, but not over exaggerated, they should be realistic and ambitious.

Relevant: Goals should aim at improving a current situation. 

Time: Set a range of time to establish better working criteria, e.g. in 2 years, in 4 months. This gives sensation of closeness and makes objectives more tangible.

An advantage of setting plans, is that they suit for both large and small businesses.